Daily Detox- Are You Doing Your Part?

We live in an increasingly toxic world. Chemicals are now used to treat our air, our soil, and almost every product you can buy in stores. Instead of feeling defeated, we need to do little things everyday to detox daily. Here are a few tips on how to give your body a little help to detox everyday.

1) Clean Up your products- there are chemicals in all products we use. Avoid non-toxic cleaners. Baking soda and white vinegar are inexpensive and effective on most dirt.

2) Personal products are also littered with toxins. There is an app called ‘Think Dirty’ that you can look up the toxicity of personal products and cosmetics

3) Lemon water has been shown to detox the liver, which is essentially the filter of the body. D-Limonene is an antioxidant found in the rind of citrus that improves the detox process.

4) Mineral supplements insure that the body receives the proper balance of nutrients for the body to detox naturally. Along with vitamin supplementation, you can ensure your body has all it needs for detoxification. Make sure that you obtain your minerals from a trusted health professional. Not all supplements are equal, and when you go cheap, you get what you pay for.

For a complete list of chemicals to avoid, visit my website at www.renewhealthco.com, look under the Recommended Reading Tab, under Informational Articles, and open the Toxic Ingredient Directory.