Could Your Feet Be a Pain in the Neck?

The Problem: If your feet don’t work correctly you hurt all over. Remember the song, “The foot bone is connected to the shinbone…etc., etc., all the way up to the neck?” Well you’re aching feet, trick knee, stiff back, or crick in your neck may all come from abnormal foot biomechanics.

You have seen cracked walls in the houses with unsound foundations. It is the same with you. When the arches of your feet fall, your knees knock, your disks slip, your shoulders slump, and you cry my neck is killing me!

The Solution: Some of the mechanics observed by your doctor, who will perform and a valuation of your posture and movement, or supination and pronation of the feet. If I have normal, very important aspect of your treatment will be the prescription of functional foot orthotics, also known as shoe inserts. Orthotic therapy helps normalize your movement and relieve the pain in your aching muscles and bones. One reason some people find traditional chiropractic care on effective is because their feet are causing the problem. When they get adjusted laying down the problem is resolved, but as soon as they walk to the front of the office their spine is already misaligned.  Foot orthotics help patients hold their adjustments and feel better longer.

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