Getting To The Root of Your Muscle Tension

Muscles are amazing! They move the body into any the position the brain decides (as long as flexibility allows).  The brain uses a complex system to tell where the muscles are and if they are contracted or relaxed called proprioception.  Muscle spindles, located in the muscle tissue, send feedback to the brain via the spinal cord. The amount of stretch of the spindle allows the brain to detect where the limb is in space.  Spindles also contribute to the amount of muscle stiffness or tone.

Unfortunately, we live in an imperfect world and our posture and daily repetitive activities such as sitting at a desk, looking down at cellphones and computers, or driving a car, can cause the muscle to “reset” into a different resting position. The muscle is either too tight (shortened), or too loose (lengthened). In either case, other muscles in that area need to compensate and change to adapt to the new “reset” muscle.  This creates pain, both in the “reset” area as well as in other areas of the body due to tension patterns.

Fortunately, one of the best ways to relax the muscle spindles and restore normal resting position is to incorporate chiropractic and massage. Chmassage photoiropractic adjustments help “reset” the proprioceptors in joints and massage “resets” the muscle spindles. When the muscles are relaxed and in normal resting position pain is eliminated and bones are held in the correct position as well.


We are featuring our new massage therapist, Maia Talbott. She is trained in sports massage and functional movement.  She focuses on retraining musculature and relaxing the body to alleviate pain and increase flexibility. Please come and see for yourself all the benefits massage can bring into your world. To Schedule with Maia please return to our home page and click the Make an Appointment button, or give us a call  at (303)-221-0195IMG_8396

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