Staying Healthy In The Cold Weather Months – Bonus e-book of Fall Recipes

So here we are again.  The wonderful time of year called “The Holidays.”  During this time, we attend parties, see loved ones that we have been too busy to see during the rest of the year, and make bountiful dinners to share with family. Unfortunately another reality of this time of year is the average weight gain.  The average person gains 7-10 pounds from the months of October to the end of December.1  However this is not only a phenomenon in the United States.  One study showed that on average our country, as well as Germany and Japan, showed increases in weight around their major holidays.2 I’m not saying to fast during the holidays, or to not enjoy your favorite treats. However, here are a few suggestions for beating the holiday bulge.

1) Portion Control- as tempting as it is to eat the entire plate of cookies at the holiday office party, it is so important not to overindulge just because “it’s the holidays.”

2) Maintain Your Exercise Regimen- Because of holiday partying and possibly over indulging in the spiked eggnog or mulled wine, we have a tendency to be not feeling well enough to work out the next day. Skip the third glass of champagne and make sure to work out!

3) Make Delicious Healthy Dishes- There are so many great healthy recipes that you can make at home or bring to the party.  Here is an e-book of some of our favorite fall dishes as a gift to you. Please enjoy these delicious treats and remember to have a safe and happy holiday season.


Please enjoy this Free e-Book of Healthy Fall Recipes to get you off on the right foot this holiday season










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