What’s the Buzz About Candida?


            Candida is a fungus, a form of yeast that naturally occurs in the body. It is located in various parts of the digestive tract, particularly in the gut.  There are about 3 pounds of bacteria/microbes in the gut that help us to breakdown food, create vitamins, and help us digest. We need this micro-biome as much as it needs us.  Because it is a fungus and not bacteria, therefore it is not affected by the amount of anti-biotics that we ingest, either prescribed or in the meat we eat, littered with anti-biotics and synthetic growth hormones. There are other reasons, such as high carb diet, high alcohol consumption, and high stress to name a few. This excess die off of bacteria leaves extra space and resource for yeast to grow and thrive. Candida causes a condition called leaky gut that allows food and particles to enter the blood stream before they are digested. The immune system recognizes these particles as foreign and starts an immune reaction-creating inflammation.  This inflammation causes various symptoms, such as headaches, joint pain, sinus congestion, weight gain, and various others.   There are several systems out there to alleviate this, some treatments are very drawn out and difficult to complete. Find a natural health professional that has a concise program to battle these beasties and take back your gut health.

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