Professional Grade Supplements

    “Not all supplements are created equal”

Unfortunately not all supplements are created equal or are ethically labeled. The FDA doesn’t regulate any supplements on the American market until there is a complaint/report against the company. Then they go in and test exactly what is in the supplements. There has been lawsuits against major retailers for not having the ingredients/amounts that were listed on the label. (1)

Fortunately, there is a variety of high quality professional supplements provided in the office including Designs for Health, Xymogen, Ortho Molecular, Biotics Research, and Standard Process to name a few. All of these supplements are third party tested, meaning there is a lot number on each batch of the supplement that has documentation of testing by a company outside of the supplement company, ensuring its consistent quality. If you are going to choose to spend money on and take supplements then why not get the best quality and most effective supplements on the market?

FullScript Online Supplement Store

Fullscript is an online store that supplies all of your supplement needs. Dr. Jessica can make recommendations based on blood work and muscle testing to determine your specific needs, but here you can order all of your supplement needs.

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