We'd love to hear from you…but you will see some changes!

There have been some changes here at Renew Health and Wellness. We are moving the practice to the Highlands area starting October 7th, 2019

We will be in a temporary location at Denver Community Acupuncture. There will be a receptionist that can answer the phone and make appointments during office hours, so if you prefer to be assisted with scheduling please call (720) 855-3160

To directly contact Dr. Jessica please call or text (303) 221-0195

For the time being Dr. Jessica will be using Denver Community Acupuncture scheduling system. If you have or have not used Mindbody to schedule, please use this link to connect to Denver Community Acupuncture’s Mindbody site. For more information please visit https://www.denvercommunityacupuncture.com/


Prefer to email? You can reach us that way too!

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