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About Dr. Jessica

    Dr. Jessica graduated Magna Cum Laude a B.S. in Natural Science and Mathematics from the University of Indiana Pennsylvania and immediately enrolled in the Doctorate of Chiropractic program at Life University in Marietta, GA where she graduated Cum Laude. She is certified in Science Based Nutrition as well as training in the art of Applied Kinesiology through a mentor with 30 years’ experience, Dr. Ted Winchester. Through much training and dedication, Dr. Jessica has found a way to help patients that are frustrated with the medical approach to health and disease. These people realize there are other options available such as the ones provided by Dr. Jessica Fish and her associates at Renew Health and Wellness.


“Dr. Jessica is a premier chiropractor and healer.

Her neck work is unrivaled. She does a full ‘adjustment’ of the body and soul.

Firm yet gentle. Very effective. She got to things that no others could. I highly, highly recommend her.”



Passion and Mission

Dr. Jessica Fish is passionate about helping others reach their full potential and feel great in the process.

   She loves helping people from all walks of life; from babies, children, and pregnant moms to weekend warriors and athletes to the active elderly who need a little help to support their progressive Colorado lifestyle. Her approach to the human body and health is different from many other practitioners. She approaches the body as an entire unit, not as different systems and symptoms. All tissues and organs are connected through the nervous system, and Dr. Jessica understands how to integrate information from all the systems of the body to create a complete and comprehensive view of the patient’s individual needs and construct a unique protocol for each.


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